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Arabic mehndi designsimgArabic mehndi designs include such designs as extent to wrists.
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Brown wavy hairstyle with white flowersimgThe girl decorated her brown wavy hair with white flowers which match with her white backless dress.
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fashionable dresses USAimgYoung girls in America like this lips shirt very much. Her jeans is just representing the present trends in the country.
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Strawberry styleimgbeautiful strawberry cutting in different pieces
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nice blur glassesimg

matching blue sun glasses with dress for regular use

Beautiful Glasssesimg

wao amazing red crystal glasses style for celebrity

Crystal Eye Glassesimg

beautiful eye glasses laying on bench to protect from sun screen



This pink dress lady beautifully used her polarized sunglasses to match with her dressing.


Long nails decorated with nail art of flower leaves and jewels.


Lovely hand bag lather stage snake style and design different cool hand bag


Here is a real short dress for girls with leather handbag, ladies golden watch and golden necklace.


Jacquiline Fernandz is wearing a peach dress of knitted fabric. Her watch and necklace is a good match with her dress.


We are celebrating National Sunglasses Day with these cool shades from Wild Souls


Bracelets bangles are a must on special occasions in Asia.