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Celebrity hair style | Ayeza Khan (Aiza) likes open hairstyle

Black and white ladies in two different black dressesimgThe golden dyed hair lady in African print dresses that is new in fashion style
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Maroon bridal dressimgFashion wedding dress in modern Asian touch.
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Multi color DressimgMulti colored sleve less cute summer dresses with new style
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Black nail polish DesignimgBlack nail polish and golden nail polish used to create nails art.
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Sonam Kapoor hairstyleimg

Sonam Kapoor, a Bollwood star, is famous for her smile. Here she is with wavy hairstyle which suits her personality a lot.

Madhori Dixit hairstyleimg

Here Madhori Dixit has shown beautiful hairstyle for long hair. She posed three hairstyle, all these hairstyles are suitable for long ladies.

Priyanka Chopra new hairstyleimg

Priyanka Chopra is famous for introducing new hairstyles in Bollywood. She gives a new touch to fashion world.

Priyanka Chopra with her classic hairstyleimg

Priyanka Chopra looks nice with her traditional hairstyle. She is really a gorgeous actor in Bollywood.

Ayeza Khan (Aiza) likes open hairstyleimg

Ayeza Khan (Aiza) likes open hairstyle. She looks gorgeous with her black hair and in her pink printed dress.

Angelina Jolie lovely hairstyleimg

Angelina Jolie looks gorgeous in her lovely open hairstyle. Still graceful and attractive.



Yellow nail polish with designs of black and white color.


Leather purses of grey color are very popular among professional ladies.


designer jewellery with diamond and looking great


beautiful dress like flower for trendy clothing


Chrissy Teigen in white color very sweet and different style


it’s only lately that people have come to know her probably thanks to the show


Short red dresses are the number one choice of ladies for attracting peoples attention to them.